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Year-Round Appeal - Beyond The Curb

We offer full lawn care services to fit your precise needs

Plowing & Salting Services

Our Snowplowing Services Make Winter In The City That Much Easier

Commercial Landscaping

Our state of the art equipment and high customer retention rate speak to the tremendous quality of our work

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Tier One Lawn Care


 Weekly lawn care & edging of walks and flowerbeds

 Hedge Trimming during the summer season

 Weekly hard surface management

 Weekly debris removal from the site

 Weekly flowerbed maintenance includes wedding and turning soil

 Spring & fall cleaning services

 Weekly email Photos to the client once the services has been rendered

 Spring and fall clean up

Tier One Lawn Care


 Weekly lawn care & edging of walks and flowerbeds

 Weekly hard surface management

 Weekly debris removal from the site

 Spring clean up

 Weekly email Photos to the client once the services has been rendered

Tier One Lawn Care


 Weekly lawn care & edging of walks and flowerbeds

Weekly hard surface management

Weekly debris removal from the site

Weekly email Photos to the client once the services has been rendered


Loyalty & Accountability to our clients, the
community, and our insurance partners.

Message from the CEO

No aspect of our performance is more important to Tier One Lawn Care than the health and safety of our Clients. In 2010, we continued to build on our actions to improve safety performance, achieving a 100% in our High-Potential Incident. We had no fatalities. However, our total reportable injury and lost-time injury stable at 0 , making it clear that we must remain diligent as we work to reach our ultimate goal of our clients entering their work place safe and healthy every day.

Why Work with Us?

1. HONEST & DEPENDABLE: Integrity and fairness are the basis of Tier One Lawn Care. Business ethics, whether dealing with customers, suppliers and our insurance partners. Honesty is not the best policy, but the only policy. The Owners Tier One Lawn Care. Are in the commercial ground maintenance and snow plowing services because we love it. We are dedicated to each project and take much pride in the final product.

2. EXPERIENCE: The Owners have many years of experience and a proven track record. Our experience ensures that services will be done right and with the utmost professionalism. We also use only reputable material suppliers.

3. COST: Tier One Lawn Care. Strives to assure our clients real value for their dollar. Our detailed proposals ensure clients that there won't be any hidden cost and they know exactly what they are getting.

4. QUALITY SERVICE: Tier One Lawn Care. prides themselves with having a strong dedication to the principle that a quality
services is its own best form of advertising.

5. SAFETY: Tier One Lawn Care. Is sincerely interested in the safety of their clients, the public, and our operations. We have a Safety Program in place and continually trained on safety issues.

6. LIABILITY INSURANCE: Tier One Lawn Care Inc. holds current liability insurance certificate to the value of $2 million.

Which is why we are asking you to compare our services to our competition; to see why we are different.

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