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We also make corporate responsibility a top priority our reputation for corporate integrity attracts great customer, and even greater opportunities. It is a key to our long  - term success. 

 We continuously focus on: 

  • Quality - exceptional quality services  our customers deserve 
  • Service - at Tier One Lawn Care, services is not simply a concept. It`s hoe we develop and maintain customer loyal
  • Innovation - it is the driving force behind our long term growth. 
  • Performance - our commitment is to prepare as individuals and as a corporation to do our best.
  • High Customer Retention Rate - We truly care about our clients not just creating a business relationship but creating a lasting friendship.
  • Monthly Reports - We provide a written report for each month with the dates of each visit, task complete that month, and work projected for the coming month. These may include suggestions for improvement to your property. 

Hi Gus , It is good that you seek feedback.
However, I am not disposed to put comments in writing at this point in the form
of a review. Let's see where we stand at the end of the season and then you may
have a section on your website for comments. Having said that, things
appear to be satisfactory and as we get through the season I am sure we can
provide mutual feedback. Our Superintendent reports that things are

Alan  Gill  January  2017  

E.G. Born & Son Limited Toronto , Ontario 

"Gus that is amazing!! Thank you so so much for removing all the weeds from the wall.  Have a great long weekend."

John Craig from Toronto, Ontario September 3 2016

Weekly Yard Maintenance Weed Control Driveway & Curbs

"Hi Gus, Just wanted to let you know that the back looks 100% better than it did. I appreciate the work involved there. I understand that it is impossible to remove all the weeds, but the current state with all the larger ones removed is exactly what I was looking for. So thank you. 

See you next week!"

Sabrina svinelli from Maple, Ontario  Aug 22 2016

Snow Plowing & Salting Services

"Gus runs a very professional operation. I had tried getting quotes from several companies with no results, but Gus showed up within an hour of contact. I received a fair price and have been very happy with the service. We have a small parking lot located in a coop in downtown Toronto which is difficult to service due to many parked cars. Gus ensures that the lot is cleared, working around the cars. I would definitely recommend Tier One Lawn Care."

John Beauchamp, December 2015

Don Area Cooperative Inc, Toronto, Ontario

Lawn Care And Maintenance, Overseeding

"Tier One Lawn Care Inc. service is absolutely incredible. Gus transformed my old damaged lawn into a beautiful flourishing lawn that I wanted to show off. His work is amazing and he pays attention to detail. He is a hard worker and offers affordable prices. I recommend his services to anyone in need of a lawn-lift!"
Nick Vavougios from Toronto, Ontario, July 2015 

Lawn Maintenance

"Gus is very nice and up front about the cost for his services. We just moved in and the lawn had not been mowed in quite some time. It really was getting out of hand. I called Gus on Friday and he was able to come out as early as Saturday morning. He did a great job mowing, edging and cleaning our front lawn. Some people I spoke to said his rate was a bit high, but I didn't mind paying it for the high quality and very fast work."

Leah from Toronto, Ontario, June 2015

Snow Removal 

"Hired Gus, was very thorough on clearing my walkway and driveway. I especially like the photos that he emails us every time after he clears our driveway. We highly recommend him."

John Murphy from Toronto, Ontario, January 2015 

Snow Removal Services

"I am very pleased with Gus' service. I called several companies, and Gus was the first, and one of the only companies to get back to me. His price is very reasonable, and he is very diligent with his service. He always sends an email with photos after clearing the snow, and always comes when clearing is needed. I had a lot of complicated considerations with my property, and he was extremely patient and didn't give up until he found a solution. I would happily recommend his services."

Ramona Cooperstock from East York, Ontario, December 2014

Lawn Care And Snow Removal

"Gus was extremely professional and did a great job. Was always receptive to comments and/ or additional requests. His timeliness was great and if he was unable to stick to that week's specific schedule, or the grass did not need cutting he would inform me accordingly. Wish him continued success and if ever I need lawn care or snow removal services again I would not hesitate to call him."

Kathy Berezanski from Toronto Ontario October 30 2014

Summer Property Maintenance And Winter Snow Removal

"The work is always done on time and correctly. When I make special or additional requests I receive prompt and helpful service. The pricing is also very affordable and competitive."

Michael Fitzgibbon from Toronto, Ontario, August 2014

Spring Clean-Up & Weekly Lawn Maintenance 

Gus, is a professional when it comes to taking care of the lawn. What he tells you is exactly what he does. I have used Gus in the past. He is reliable and does the job to a T!!!! I would strongly recommend Gus's services to everyone out there who wants their lawn looking absolute amazing.

Tasha from Toronto, Ontario, August 27 2014


"Gus, the owner, did quite a big job for me. He dismantled a standalone garage and removed all the debris. I was comfortable dealing with him right from the start. The job started and ended on time. I have no hesitation in recommending him to my friends and colleagues and have already done so.

Gene from Toronto, Ontario, August 15 2014

Lawn Clean-Up And Maintenance

"Gus is a real pro. I had asked for 3 quotes and Gus came back to me first (the other 2 didn't bother). He showed up with a trailer full of gear and went way beyond what we expected of him. Definitely worth the money and so happy to have a great looking lawn finally."

Alan Marr from Toronto, Ontario, August 13 2014

Spring Lawn Maintenance

"Wag Jag Promotion, arrived on arranged time, job done on time, very thorough work, did a very good job cleaning up, definitely will use their services again, highly recommended, thanks Gus."

Mr. Ray Jung from Markham, Ontario, May 5 2014

Weekly Yard Maintenance

"I called Gus to esquire about yard maintenance at my home. We arranged a site visit the next day. He arrived on time and we discussed different gardening options that met my needs. Gus is very knowledgeable and his quote was very competitive. I am very pleased with his service and work."

Kirk from Toronto, Ontario, May 2014

Hedge Trimming

"I called Tier One Lawn Care to trim my overgrown hedge. Gus (the owner) personally showed up at the time he promised to give me a quote, was very open and honest with me and was honest and comfortable enough to tell me some of the things that he could not do as it was outside the scope of his business. He did provide me with contacts for the work he could not do. Gus went on to give me a very reasonable quote to trim my entire hedge and made time in his busy schedule to complete the work within two days. He showed up on time when he said he would, worked hard and got the job done - very efficient, very professional and very reasonable. I would not hesitate in calling Tier One Lawn Care care back in the future as I had a very pleasant experience with them indeed."

Nick Pisani from North York, Ontario, May 2014

Winter Services

"Tier One Lawn Care has been a responsive and reliable snow removal service. They're regularly delivered on the service levels promised, and on the rare occasion when complications have arisen, they've been proactive in communicating with us and quickly remedying the situation."

Alkarim Jivraj from Toronto, Ontario, March 1 2014

Lawn Care Services

"Gus showed up on time for our first meeting and was able to start that week. The yard is professionally maintained. The communication and updates are all accurate, Gus is always responsible. I would highly recommend the service."

Karen Jensen from North York, September 9 2013 

Lawn Care Maintenance

"I had my share of bad experience with our past lawn service provider but since I acquired their services last year up to now I am still very satisfied with their work. They are efficient and very committed to their customers. And I will recommend this company to all my friends."

Annie Aranas from Toronto, Ontario, August 17 2013

Grass Cutting

"Just started with Gus cutting my lawn every other week. He did a great job and was very meticulous with the edging. He even sent me photos after the work was done via e-mail."

Anthony from Maple, Ontario, July 9 2013

Winter Services

"Great service, Tier One Lawn Care came and did an emergency snow removal service within an hour of call back, a day before the New Year. Prompt, Clean and Professional, Happy New Year Gus and Tier One Lawn Care, recommended and would use again."

Jay Chen from Toronto, Ontario, May 26 2013

At  Tier One Lawn Care Inc.

Our Clients Satisfaction &  Reputation Matters 

D’ACCUEIL HÉRITAGE Downtown Toronto high
traffic areas plowing Salting Services 2016 – 2017

Sterling hotels Downtown Toronto Parking Lot & high traffic areas plowing Salting Services 2016 – 2017

Private School Bayview & York mills Road Parking Lot Snow Plowing & Front Entrances And Rear Salting Services During winter Storm 2016 – 2017

Apartment Building Eglinton And Kennedy Road Parking Lot Snow Plowing & Salting Services 2016 - 2017

Office Building Yonge and Davisville Snow Plowing Parking Lot & Shoveling Sidewalks Front Entrance , Side Entrance & Salting 2016 - 2017

Residential Property Yonge And St Clair Snow Shoveling Driveway , Sidewalk , Front Area And Salting 2016 - 2017

Residential Property Yonge And St Clair Snow Shoveling driveway , front area And Salting 2016 - 2017

Gas Station Yonge Lawrence Snow Plowing High Traffic Area And Salting 2016 - 2017

Condominium Property Carlton And Parliament Snow Plowing Parking Lot And Salting 2016-2017

Apartment Building Property Yonge And Eglinton Snow Plowing Parking Lot , sidewalk , Front Area And Salting 2016 – 2017 /  Dental Office  Yonge And Bloor Driveway , Front Area , & Rear Driveway  Shoveling & Salting 2016 - 2017

Metropia Inc. Parking Lot Wilson And Bathurst Snow Plowing And Salting 2016 -2017

W & H.S. Property Investment Inc. Parking Lot Spadina And Queen Street Snow Plowing And Salting 2016 -2017

Downtown Mini Apartment Building Snow Plowing Parking Lot And Salting 2016 – 2017

Hong Kong Government Building & Grandview Property Management Bloor Street & St George Snow Plowing Parking Lot , shoveling Sidewalk , all Entrances And Salting 2016 - 2017

Downtown Residential Property Shoveling Driveway , front area , Sidewalk and Salting 2016 – 2017

Downtown Public Parking Lot Snow Plowing And Salting 2016 – 2017

Downtown Condominium snow shovelling sidewalks, Front Entrance and salting Avenue Road And St Clair 2016 - 2017

Movie Production Building King And Jarvis Snow Plowing Parking Lot, Shoveling Sidewalk And salting 2016 – 2017

Residential Property St Clair & O`Connor Drive Snow plowing Driveway And Shoveling Front Area , Sidewalk & Salting 2016 – 2017 

Residential Property Woodbine & Queen St Snow plowing Snow Driveway and shoveling Front Area and rear of the property 2016 – 2017

Commercial Downtown Parking Lot & high traffic areas Salting Services 2016 – 2017

Private School Parking Lot & high traffic areas plowing Salting Services 2016 – 2017

(Please Note: this client exterior lights are on a timer and during overnight night hours it`s turned off)

Fall Clean Up 2016 Avenue Road & Eglinton Ave Weed Control Driveway & Curbs / Dupont Street & Shaw Street / Yonge & StClair  / Cabbagetown / Avenue Road & St Clair 

Commercial Property Over Grown Lawn 2016 & Weekly Lawn Maintenance Eglinton & Kennedy Road 

Parking Lot Weeding & Cleaning 2016 &   Eglinton & Kennedy Road

Flowerbed Maintenance 2016

Mulching 2016

Deck Power Washing 2016

Hedge Trimming 2016

Re-soding 2016 Albion Road & Sheppard  / Yonge Street & Sheppard / Albion Road & Sheppard

Weekly Lawn Care 2016 Weed Control Driveway & Curbs

Spring Clean Up 2016 Weed Control Driveway & Curbs

Lawn Treatment 2016

Weekly Lawn Maintenance 2015 Weed Control Driveway & Curbs

Avenue Rd & Eglinton Ave  Hedge Trimming 2015

Winter Snow Plowing & Salting 2015 - 2016

Winter Plowing And Salting During Snowing And Freezing Rain Events 2016

Spring Clean Up 2015

Open House Clean Up &  Garage Demolition  2015

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