​How to Spot a Landscaping Scam

They Hire Shoddy Subcontractors

You thought one team was coming over to enhance your curb appeal but instead, the crew you hired to do the job contracted it out to a subcontractor who failed to take the time to do a good job.

This is an insidious way that some landscaping companies take on more work (and accept more money from customers) without having to actually expend their resources on it. They are experts at convincing you that they will be working tirelessly day in and day out to make your lawn care dreams come true. However, they only plan to give your job to a less experienced and less expensive subcontractor - leaving you with a landscaping mess to clean up when all is said and done. To avoid this, simply ask the landscape company you are hoping to do business with whether or not they use subcontractors.

They Ask for Large Sums of Money Upfront

The golden rule here is this: If a landscaper requests that you pay them in full before any work has been completed, you need to run in the opposite direction. This is the classic scam story that you’ve certainly heard before, but when you’re on the phone with a charismatic and well-versed con man you may fall right into the trap. The bottom line is – don’t make excuses for a landscaper who is asking for large sums of money upfront. Period.

They fail to provide you with a Written Estimate

Get everything on paper, every time. Although many initial conversations with a landscaper may occur over the phone or via email, it’s imperative that you ensure you obtain a written copy of the estimate that you both have agreed upon. Otherwise, you might just find yourself being asked to fork over far more money than you budgeted for.

When hiring a landscaping company, you want to be confident that you’re working with the best in the business. We at Tier One hope that with this knowledge, you can successfully spot the red flags that denote a company is being dishonest. If you’re looking to hire a team of reliable landscapers with a proven track record of success, contact us today so that we can get the ball rolling on all of your landscaping needs.

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