Fall Clean-Up & Turn-Down

Tier One Lawn Care provides quality service that you can rely on. When you want to work with professionals who care about the work.

Fall Clean-Up & Turn-Down Services:

 Remove Leaves & Debris From Lawn & Gardens

* Pull out annuals & map perennials For next season.

* Remove potentially destructive branches & limbs before the bad weather.

* Use organic matter from clean-up as compost for future fertilizer.

 Cleaning Up & Removing Branches, Trash, Waste

Final Lawn Cutting & Bagging of All Clippings From Lawn

Hedge/Tree Trimming

 Lawn Aeration Services

* Oxygenate your lawn one last time before the frost hits. 

* Help your lawn maintain healthy microorganisms during the winter.

 Soil Maintenance and Repairs

* Repair planting beds from seasonal damage.

* Boost your soil with organic compost matter.

* Protect your soil with a fresh layer of mulch.

 Next Season Planning & Planting

* Map current layout & plan plant rotations.

* Save big on perennials now and plant them for next year!

 Last Minute Landscaping Projects 

* It isn't too late to do many projects that you may not have had the time for in the summer.  Call us & let us know about your project. We are always happy to share advice and provide an estimate for services.

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